Welcome to Leipzig and the English Department! On this page we have collected helpful information for incoming exchange students.

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Welcome to Leipzig and the English Department!

All our courses are taught in English, and you are basically free to choose whichever you like (if they are not totally overbooked). There are some restrictions in specific courses, such as the basic courses for literature and culture (module numbers 1101 and 1102) and most of the language teaching courses (Fachdidaktik) – we do not recommend these courses for international students if there is no specific reason why you have to take them. You can choose individual courses, not necessarily full modules. A list of courses for the current winter and/or summer term can be found in our course catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis – see download section on the right (web version) or at the end of the page (mobile version)). Each winter and/or summer term has the same or similar modules, only sometimes different individual seminars.
Once in Leipzig, just go to the classes in the first week of term and talk to the lecturers there. You can find the information about our staff members on our homepage. You will usually get 5 ECTS for a course if you either give a presentation, write a paper or pass a written or oral exam (depending on the type of course), and 2 ECTS for simple participation. You can also come and see Dr. Böhnke in his office hours.

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