In the following, we will inform you about who is responsible for questions about examinations.

Always use your student e-mail address for inquiries about your studies and exams. For reasons of data protection, we cannot send any information to private e-mail addresses.
Please set your webmail or your email client so that your real name is sent as the sender. Please also use meaningful subject information.

Examination Management

You can contact the examination management of the study office of the Faculty of Philology for all questions about exams relating to your degree programme. Your current contact person is Mrs. Steinhagen, who is able to help you with, among many others, the following matters: 

  • De-registration from module examinations (during the de-registration period)
  • Information about deadlines for retaking exams
  • Registration and submission of theses
  • Issuing certificates

Module Exams

By enrolling in a module you also register for the module's examination.

Module Enrollment

Enrollment in the modules (and the associated courses) takes place via the online enrollment system TOOL. To enroll, you need the login data that you received with your letter of admission. You must be registered in the university at the time of enrollment.

Module enrollment takes place around two weeks before the beginning of the lecture period. The enrollment periods for the current semester can be found on the website of the study office of the Faculty of Philology.

Enrollment in the compulsory modules takes place in a first-come first-served manner (direct module and exam registration).

Elective and key qualification modules must be confirmed by you after they have been assigned. If you miss this step, you are NOT signed in.

Unenrolling from a Module

Unenrolling from a module (and the associated deregistration from the module examination) can usually be done no later than four weeks before the end of the lecture period.  You may do this yourself (using Tool or AlmaWeb) or you may submit a written notification to the relevant examination office. If you unenroll from the module prior to the deadline, any examinations already completed in the module are deemed not to have been satisfied. Thereafter, examinations can only be withdrawn from for a good reason and the application must be in writing and approved by the examination committee (see the examination regulations).

Subsequent module enrollment

Did you miss your module enrollment at the Institute of Linguistics? You can use a form to apply for late enrollment for the respective module up to 4 weeks after the start of the lecture period. The completed form must be submitted to the study office of the Philological Faculty. The lecturers of the relevant modules confirm with their signature that late admission to the module is possible.

Retaking exams

Retaking an exam is only possible if the exam was failed; a retake to improve your grade is not possible. If a module examination consists of several partial exams, a partial examination can only be retaken if the module as a whole was failed. For all types of examinations, you must register for retaking an exam by the deadline via email to the examination management of the study office. A second attempt at retaking an exam must be approved by the examination committee (an informal application by e-mail to the chair of the examination committee). You are only automatically registered for another exam attempt if you missed the first exam due to a documented illness. If the examination attempt fails, the examination must be retaken within one year.

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Exam. Photo: Colourbox

Examination Committee

The examination committee is responsible for adjudicating conflicts in the context of module examinations (grading, plagiarism, etc.), for granting compensation for disadvantages, for assigning credits in complex or non-standard situations, and for checking the technical admission requirements in the master's programme.

The linguistics examination committee has the following members:    

  • Professor Fabian Heck (Chairman)
  • Professor Jochen Trommer (Deputy Chairman)
  • Professor Gregory M. Kobele, PhD
  • Professor Barbara Stiebels
  • Professor Gereon Müller (substitute representative)
  • Michael D. Frazier, PhD
  • Dr. Marie-Luise Popp
  • Dr. Sören E. Tebay (substitute representative)
  • Michel Remy Balschun (student representative)
  • Robin Ortlepp (substitute student representative)

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