Are you interested in carrying out a doctorate at our institute?

We offer doctoral positions usually as part of a research project (with third party funding) or as part of the Research Training Group Interaction of grammatical building blocks (IGRA). We advertise open doctoral positions on Linguist List.

If you are interested in pursuing a doctorate at our institute, please contact the professor(s) of our institute whose expertise matches your intended thesis topic. Please attach a CV and a short sketch of your intended thesis topic to your email. Please also justify your enquiry for supervision. Your research topic should relate to the research activities of our institute.

We offer a structured doctorate programme as part of the Research Training Group Interaction of grammatical building blocks. Doctoral students whose topic relates to the research agenda of the Research Training Group (RTG) may be associated with the RTG. The courses include topics such as academic skills, linguistic methods and courses in phonological, morphological and syntactic theory.

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Doctorate (symbolic picture). Photo: Colourbox

Completed doctoral theses

Year Name Topic of thesis
2023 Berger, Mike Complex transitivity restrictions in grammar
  Privizentseva, Mariia Inverse case attraction in Moksha Mordvin relative clauses and the nature of Merge
2022 Amato, Irene Auxiliary Selection in Italo-Romance: A Nested Agree Approach
  Popp, Marie-Luise Morphotactics in affix ordering: Typology and Theory
  Schwarzer, Marie-Luise Determiner sharing in German: An argument for movement-based approaches to ellipsis
  Tebay, Sören Eggert Interacting (with) Morpheme Structure Constraints: Representational solutions to Richness of the Base Problems in Optimality Theory
Year Name Topic of thesis
2020 Driemel, Imke Pseudo-noun incorporation across languages
  Gjersøe, Siri Moen Tonal Interactions in Nuer Nominal Inflection
  Meyase, Savio Megolhuto Tone Polarity, Tone Features, and Tonal Representation in the Four-level Tone System of Tenyidie
2019 Kushnir, Yuriy Prosodic Patterns in Lithuanian Morphology
  Murugesan, Gurujegan Predicting the Anaphor Agreement Effect and its Violations
  Nformi Awasom, Jude Constraint interaction in Grassfields Bantu tone paradigms
2018 Barnickel, Katja Deriving asymmetric coordination in German: A non-monotonic approach
  Becker, Laura Articles in the world's languages
  Hein, Johannes Verbal fronting: Typology and theory
  Paschen, Ludger The interaction of reduplication and segmental mutation: A phonological account
  Zaleska, Joanna Coalescence without coalescence
2017 Guzmán Naranjo, Matías Analogy in formal grammar
  Himmelreich, Anke Case matching effects in free relatives and parasitic gaps: A study on the properties of Agree
  Klein, Timo Patterns of resumption – Towards a derivational account
  Korsah, Sampson Issues in Kwa syntax: Pronouns and clausal determiners
  Murphy, Andrew Cumulativity in syntactic derivations
  Puškar, Zorica Hybrid agreement: Modelling variation, hierarchy effects and Φ-feature mismatches
2016 Baumann, Michael Die Repräsentation von Argumentstrukturinformationen und ihre Rolle in der Satzproduktion
2015 Weisser, Philipp Derived coordination: A Minimalist perspective on clause chains, converbs and asymmetric coordination
Year Name Topic of thesis
2014 Georgi, Doreen Opaque interactions of Merge and Agree: On the nature and order of elementary operations
  Zimmermann, Eva A phonological account of morphological length
2012 Goldammer, Thomas Areal patterns in Ancient Western Eurasia
  Opitz, Andreas Feinstrukturelle Aspekte der Flexionsmorphologie in Grammatiktheorie und Psycholinguistik
2011 Börjesson, Kristin The notions of literal and non-literal meaning in Semantics and Pragmatics
  Forker, Diana A Grammar of Hinuq
  Handschuh, Corinna A typology of marked-S languages
  Molochieva, Zarina Tense, aspect, and mood in Chechen
  Reese, Johannes Das Aktivpartizip im Marokkanischen
  Rießler, Michael Typology and evolution of adjective attribution marking in the languages of northern Eurasia
  Wang, Luming The influence of animacy and context on word order processing: Neurophysiological evidence from Mandarin Chinese
  Witzlack-Makarevich, Alena Typological variation in grammatical relations
  Zschernitz, Susann The role of prosody in the production and comprehension of PP-attachment ambiguities in German
2010 Choudhary, Kamal Kumar Mechanismen der inkrementellen Argumentinterpretation im Hindi
  Irmer, Matthias Bridging inferences in discourse interpretation
  Schließer, Johannes Prosodic encoding of sentence Mode and focus in L2
Year Name Topic of thesis
2009 Lahne, Antje Where there is fire there is smoke. Local modelling of successive-cyclic movement
  Salomo, Dorothé The role of given and new information in young children's answers to wh-questions
2008 Sudhoff, Stefan Focus particles in German: Syntax, prosody, and information structure
  Wolgemuth, Jan A typology of verbal borrowings
  Chan, Angel Wing-Shan The acquisition of the transitive construction: Methodological and cross-linguistic perspectives
2006 Augurzky, Petra Attaching relative clauses in German. The role of implicit and explicit prosodic principles in sentence processing
  Bulk, Andreas Form und Funktion pronominaler Klitika im Arabischen
  Schäfer, Martin German adverbial adjectives: syntactic position and semantic interpretation
2005 Fraczyk, Danuta Abgrenzungsprobleme der Abtönungspartikeln im Rahmen der Mischklasse der Konnektoren im Deutschen und im Polnischen (am Beispiel von "aber" und dessen Äquivalenten im Polnischen)
Year Name Topic of thesis
2004 Stolterfoht, Britta Processing word order variations and ellipses: The interplay of syntax and information structure during sentence comprehension
2003 Pappert, Steffen Politische Sprachspiele in der DDR: Kommunikative Entdifferenzierungsprozesse und ihre Auswirkungen auf den öffentlichen Sprachgebrauch
  Trautwein, Martin The time window of language: The interaction between linguistic and non-linguistic knowledge in the temporal interpretation of German and English texts
  Weskott, Thomas Informationsstrukturierung als Verarbeitungsanweisung: die linke Peripherie deutscher Verbzweitsätze und ihre Interpretation im Kontext
2002 Janewa, Valja Generative syntaktische Beschreibung der Objektklitika im Bulgarischen
  Muckel, Sandra Wortstellungseffekte beim Satzverstehen: Zur Rolle syntaktischer, verbspezifischer und prosodischer Informationen
  Zybatow, Tatjana Grammatische Determinatoren von Zeit- und Sachverhaltsverlauf im Deutschen

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