In 2000, an agreement to develop a dual Diplom degree programme was concluded between the Institute of Applied Linguistics and Translatology (IALT) at the University of Leipzig and the Institut de Traducteurs, d’Interprètes et de Relations Internationales at the Université Strasbourg. For the first time, students of translatology were given the chance to earn the partner university’s degree in addition to the degree from their home university. Since 2008, this cooperation has been pursued in the form of a dual master’s programme.

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Studying in Leipzig and Strasbourg with the dual degree programme

Within the two-year master’s programme, the first year is completed at the respective partner university. This partner’s requirements and regulations for the course, including examinations, apply. Students need to take and pass all the examinations necessary to complete the year.


It is mainly the same expectations that are placed on exchange and regular students. Therefore, French is A language for all students in Strasbourg, whereas in Leipzig, it is German. This means that the programme is only suited for students with excellent language proficiency (especially in French). Completed courses will be transferred to the home university en bloc (per ECTS recognition), so that once you return, you can go into your second year without any delay. You will then complete the regular second-year modules of the respective university. Successful graduates will be awarded two official master’s degrees.


The program is open to all students with a bachelor’s degree who have been accepted into their home university’s master’s programme. Applicants from the University of Leipzig must have French as their main language. In order to apply, please submit a letter of motivation in German and French to the programme officer (see contact information), at the latest with your registration for the entrance exam. An interview will also take place. The programme is able to accept three students from each side.

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