Dieser Lehrstuhl, der nach dem von Ibiza stammenden Dichter und Übersetzer Marià Villangómez Llobet (1913- 2002) benannt ist, wurde am Institut für Angewandte Linguistik und Übersetzungswissenschaft im Rahmen der Wiederaufnahme der Regierung der Balearen in das Institut Ramon Llull eingerichtet.

About the Scholarship

In accordance with the objectives of the Institut Ramon Llull, the visiting scholarship seeks to make the Catalan language and culture more visible and to promote it in the German-speaking world. Its objectives include promoting research in sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, literary translation and interpreting, with an emphasis on linguistic and socio-cultural exchange between Catalan and German-speaking countries. The presence of visiting professors at Leipzig University should help to achieve this objective.

Courses offered

The visiting scholars give seminars and lectures in relevant fields at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Part of the teaching offered is aimed at all students of the University and does not require any previous knowledge of Catalan. Within the framework of the temporary chair, an annual symposium or other academic events will be organised, with the participation of international researchers, authors and artists whose work plays an important role in the dissemination of Catalan culture.

Visiting Scholars invited

Find out more about the visiting scholars and the courses they offer on the Institute's German website.


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