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Hier finden Sie Informationen zum Call for papers der X. Celto-Slavica-Konferenz.

In co-operation with Szczecin University and the Slavic Department of Leipzig university, the Department for Sorbian Studies announces the Xth Celto-Slavica and invites papers. The deadline for proposals is now extended to 15th of September 2022 to be sent to Dr hab Sylwester Jaworski [].

The conference will take place at Leipzig university from the 26th to the 29th of October 2022, with academic sessions on the 27th and 28th. The Leitmotif is “Highlights in Celtic and Slavic: Comparanda and Inspirations”.

The conference is open to anybody interested in the fields of linguistics, literature, culture (past and present) in Celtic and Slavic areas, in particular when touching upon cross-border issues. Conference proceedings will be published.

Details as to accommodation and social programme follow later.

Organising committee
Prof. Sabine Asmus
Dr Maxim Fomin
Dr hab Sylwester Jaworski
Dr hab Katarzyna Jaworska-Biskup
Prof. Olav Mueller-Reichau

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