Datum/Uhrzeit: bis Uhr
Veranstaltungsreihe: ZYKLOP-Kolloquium

On the semantics of affix orders: the case of affixal negation

Abstract: In my talk I will present results from ongoing research on the interpretation  and the relative positioning of affixal negators wrt. to other affixal categories with which they interact truth-conditionally/scopally. Certain affix categories (e.g. markers of modality or phasal operators) are more likely to exhibit opaque (counter-scopal) affix orders. Opacitiy can involve both local relations (i.e., adjacent morphemes) as well as non-local relations. Furthermore, one can observe both narrow scope for high affixal negators and wide scope for low affixal negators. The goal of the talk is to demonstrate the challenges in modelling affixal negation within a lexical account that assumes strata

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