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American Studies Leipzig welcomes the BA and MA entering cohorts of 2023 to Leipzig. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you soon, and we have a few pieces of information and upcoming events to help you get settled in.

Courses at Leipzig University start in the week of October 9 (for exceptions, please see our course catalog). Before that, please make sure to sign up for your modules and to receive all the information you need to start into your first semester. For that, please make use of the following resources and attend the below events:


Registering for Modules


ASL Student Orientation

  • We highly recommend that all entering BA and MA students attend the American Studies Orientation Day on October 5. The orientation day offers you a chance to meet your fellow students and instructors, and it is packed with information you will need during your studies here at Leipzig. It is designed specifically for entering students, and so we do encourage you to come and join us on that day. Please see the link above for details on the schedule.


Further Information

  • Leipzig University also offers a number of events and information sessions for entering students, so please check the central "Starting Your Studies" website as well (please note that the German-language version of that website offers more information than the English one).
  • If you still have questions about your studies after having attended the module registration Q&A and the ASL Orientation Day, please feel free to reach out to your ASL study advisers.


Again, we very much look forward to meeting you, and we wish you an excellent start into your studies at ASL!