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The course catalog for the summer term of 2024 is now available. We will indicate any significant changes to it throughout the semester break in this news item.


Some information is still to be determined, and generally, the course listings may be updated throughout the semester break, so please keep checking back from time to time. We will indicate any significant changes in this news item

  • 03/05/24 Updated Instuctors for SHP I / LC III / Creative Writing
  • 03/12/24 SHP I Seminars and Tutorials start in the week of April 8, 2024
  • 03/15/24 Updated Time and Seminar Room Übung h: Lohmann (1003-2 Übung: Kernbereiche Linguistik)
  • 03/26/24 Seminar 1 LC III (04-001-1011) and Seminar 1 (04-AME-1701) Annika Schadewald start in the week of April 8, 2024
  • 04/03/24 Introduction to Linguistics for American Studies (04-001-1003); exchange students may enroll in the lecture, but not in the tutorial
  • 04/18/24 Change of room for Prof. Stieglitz Seminar: Visualizing Reform – Photography, Reform, and Social Movements in the 20th Century (Media, Society, and Culture 04-038-2006) from GWZ 3 5.15 to NSG 428