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Location: NSG 120

The latest issue of aspeers will be released on May 27 as part of a launch party. Embedded into the American Studies Leipzig MA program, aspeers is the first and currently only peer-reviewed print journal for MA-level scholars of American studies in Europe.

Over the course of the last winter semester, an editing team of eleven ASL MA students has worked to select contributions, revise them together with the authors, edit them, and make them ready for publication in aspeers. The result is a book-size volume to be presented as part of the event.

This seventeenth issue spotlights the topic of “Transcending Time.” It contains an introduction by the editors, four academic papers by European MA students, and a professorial voice by Dr. Olena Boylu.

Please join this year's aspeers team in Room 120 of the Neues Seminargebäude (Universitätsstr. 1; first floor) on May 27, 6 pm, to celebrate!

The event is free and open to the public.