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Veranstaltungsort: Institut für Romanistik

Welcome to the third edition of the ARQUS Colloquium on Romance Linguistics!
The colloquium will take place on Mondays from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (CET), partly online and partly in hybrid format at Leipzig University (GWZ, Beethovenstr. 15, room 2.316).
To join the sessions, just click on the words "hybrid" or "online" in the programme below.

ARQUS is an alliance of nine European universities, bringing together students and scholars from Bergen (Norway), Granada (Spain), Graz (Austria), Leipzig (Germany), Lyon (France), Minho (Portugal), Padua (Italy), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Wroclaw (Poland).

The ARQUS Colloquium on Romance Linguistics is an initiative of the ARQUS International Forum on Romance Studies. The first two editions of the colloquium were organised in 2021/22 by the University of Graz (Austria).

Programme for Summer Term 2022

11th April 2022
Esteban T. MONTORO DEL ARCO (Granada) [online]
Problemas de categorización en la fraseología: el curioso caso de las locuciones pronominales

25th April 2022
Cecilia POLETTO (Padua / Frankfurt am Main) [online]
Etimologia come finestra sulla sintassi

9th May 2022
Martin HUMMEL (Graz) [online]
On the genesis of the Dictionnaire historique de l’adjectif-adverbe

23rd May 2022
Anna-Maria DE CESARE (Dresden) [hybrid session – GWZ 2.316]
Romance focus adverbs: inventories, internal classification and class boundaries

30th May 2022
David GERARDS & Levin SCHWARZKOPF (Leipzig) [hybrid session – GWZ 2.316]
Singulares escuetos en variedades latinoamericanas del español: Twitter y lingüística experimental

27th June 2022
Elisabeth REICHLE (Regensburg) [hybrid session – GWZ 2.316]
Les constructions pseudo-réfléchies dans la latinité mérovingienne

11th July 2022
Alessandro CARLUCCI (Bergen) [online]
L'influsso dell’inglese sullo sviluppo diacronico di stare + gerundio in italiano. Storia del dibattito e prospettive di lavoro