So far, the following dissertations have been completed by doctoral students of the Research Training Group.

Metal sculpture of characters
Metal sculpture with characters. Photo: Colourbox


  • Sören Eggert Tebay
    Interacting (with) Morpheme Structure Constraints: Representational solutions to Richness of the Base Problems in Optimality Theory
    submitted: 15.09.2021
  • Marie-Luise Popp
    Morphotactics in affix ordering: Typology and Theory
    submitted: 15.09.2021
  • Irene Amato
    Auxiliary Selection in Italo-Romance: A Nested Agree Approach
    submitted: 28.06.2021


  • Savio Megolhuto Meyase
    Tone Polarity, Tone Features, and Tonal Representation in the Four-level Tone System of Tenyidie
    submitted: 29.04.2020, defended: 02.12.2020
  • Imke Driemel
    Pseudo-noun incorporation across languages
    submitted: 16.10.2019, defended: 13.03.2020
  • Siri Moen Gjersøe 
    Tonal Interactions in Nuer Nominal Inflection
    submitted: 22.05.2019, defended: 28.01.2020


  • Gurujegan Murugesan
    Predicting the Anaphor Agreement Effect and its Violations
    submitted: 07.05.2019, defended: 27.06.2019
  • Jude Nformi Awasom
    Constraint interaction in Grassfields Bantu tone paradigms
    submitted: 30.10.2018, defended: 10.01.2019
  • Yuriy Kushnir
    Prosodic patterns in Lithuanian morphology
    submitted: 29.05.2018, defended: 28.01.2019


  • Laura Becker
    Articles in the world's languages
    submitted: 30.05.2018, defended: 18.10.2018; book publication 2021
  • Ludger Paschen
    The interaction of reduplication and segmental mutation: A phonological account
    submitted: 12.02.2018, defended: 17.05.2018
  • Joanna Zaleska
    Coalescence without coalescence
    submitted: 08.01.2018, defended: 08.02.2018
  • Katja Barnickel
    Deriving asymmetric coordination in German: A non-monotonic approach
    submitted: 19.09.2017, defended 25.01.2018
  • Johannes Hein
    Verbal fronting: Typology and theory
    submitted: 27.09.2017, defended: 22.01.2018; book publication 2020


  • Andrew Murphy
    Cumulativity in syntactic derivations
    submitted: 10.07.2017, defended: 12.10.2017
  • Zorica Puškar
    Hybrid agreement: Modelling variation, hierarchy effects and Φ-feature mismatches
    submitted: 18.07.2017, defended: 02.10.2017
  • Matías Guzmán Naranjo
    Analogy in formal grammar
    submitted: 29.05.2017, defended: 15.08.2017; book publication 2019
  • Sampson Korsah
    Issues in Kwa syntax: Pronouns and clausal determiners
    submitted: 01.06.2017, defended: 17.07.2017

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