This page will provide the key information for first semester students in the summer semester 2024 (MA Linguistics).

Freshman orientation

There will be a Freshman orientation for MA students on Monday, 25 March 2024, 15.15 – 16.00 o'clock by Professor Fabian Heck.
Venue: Room H1 5.16, Beethovenstraße 15

enlarge the image: Student life on Leibniz forum
Student life on Leibniz forum

Module recommendations for first semester students


We recommend the two advanced modules Suprasegmental Phonology (04-046-2014), and Computational Perspectives on Grammar (04-046-2025), and the foundational module Empirical Methods (04-046-2033). Alternatively you could also enrol for the advanced module Language in Focus (04-046-2035).
If you are interested in taking the special module Research internship (04-046-2034), you should do so in a higher semester.

Getting advice

  • General questions concerning the MA Linguistics: Michael Frazier, Ph.D. (Course advising)
  • Questions concerning the modules: module commissioners (see below)
  • General questions concerning student life in our institute: Student representative committee ("Fachschaftsrat", FSR)

Module commissioners

  • Suprasegmental Phonology: Prof. Jochen Trommer
  • Grammatical Perspectives on Grammar: Prof. Gregory Kobele, Ph.D.
  • Empirical Methods: Prof. Barbara Stiebels
  • Language in Focus: Prof. Gereon Müller

Module registration

When you register for a module, you are also automatically registered for the module examination. In order to register for modules of our MA Linguistics, you have to choose TOOL. You are automatically admitted to the modules of our MA Linguistics. After the registration data are migrated on 1 April 2024 to AlmaWeb. It is possible to deregister from a module and the associated module examination no later than four weeks before the end of the lecture period, either by independently deregistering (in AlmaWeb) or by notifying the responsible examination office in writing. 


  • Module registration via TOOL:
    Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 12pm till Monday, 25 March 2024, 5pm.
  • Deregistration via Almaweb: 1 April 2024 till 4 weeks before the end of the lecture period 

Start of the teaching period

Classes will start on 2 April 2024 and will end on 6 July 2024.

Communication with faculty and staff

When you enrol, you will be given login information for your student email account. Please use this email address for all electronic communications with teachers and staff. It is highly recommended that you change the email settings of webmail or your email client such that your full name will be given as sender information.  

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